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jueves, 19 de junio de 2014



My name is Juan Montoya Lopez. Also known as 'moncola' or 'el Pavo' (the turkey).
I was born in April the 13th in 1976.

You may wonder why I do this, why I write a curriculum VITAE to seek a girlfriend.
This may be stupid or ridiculous. Yes. And in fact, it is.
I don't mind to seem stupid or look like a stupid. I don't really care about what people think or say about me. If I did, I wouldn't live in peace. So I do what I do and no one should care. I just try to live my own life without hurting anyone. And if someone tries to hurt me, I just ignore or go away from that person.

But, why to write a curriculum for this matter?

I may seem stupid, though I am not. I am quite lackadaisical. I don't get noticed when someone likes me. And many times her reaction to me must be exaggerated or tremendously evident for me to realize. And many times I am too shy to initiate conversation. Especially if the one I like I really like.

Anyway, when I was a teenager I never needed to know about scoring rules, because girls came to me with ease. And it is not to presume. It is a fact. I was cute and I didn't need to bother to go after girls. So I never learned the game.

Now I am nearly forty. The most of my friends are married, have children or live with their second half. I've lived a long while on my own. I was deeply hurt in the past by my last girlfriend. So all these years I didn't want to know anything about women.

Time change people. Or people change their minds by time. Or time heals hearts. Or you forgive and forget. Though I didn't forgive nor forget. Yes I have changed. And I want someone by my side.

This is my aunty and me at my thirth birthday.

This is me (beard) and one of my nefews. About year 2000

And this is me now. Looking for a pretty good looking girl. Hard worker. And with something else in the head than just hair.

I live on my own. I dedicate my life to arts. I have two dogs:

I live in Spain. I love good cuisine, good in quality and quantity.
I love relaxed live. Spend time at home. Walk the dogs. I am smoker and eventually I drink whiskey when I am with friends. When I go out I always take a coffee milk (Italian café latte)

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